Wakefield Chapel Woods Homes Association

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Board of Directors

President                                            Elizabeth Segall

Vice President                                    Bob Mannion

Treasurer                                            Pura Valdez

Secretary                                             Donna Caruso

Member at Large                               Fred Wright

Block Captains

Banff                                                     Phyllis Liner

Bromley                                               Sally Mavlian

Country Lane, Toll House,

and Whistler                                       Mercedes Beffa

Fidelity Ct.                                           Steve Parker

Ordinary Ct.                                        Ben Miller

Ordinary Way                                     Terry Hermann

Sugarbush Ct.                                   Louise Moore

Wakefield Chapel Rd.                     Christopher Formunyoh

Architectural Committee:   Peg Desko, Chair

Parkland Maintenance:        Al Meyer, Chair

Newsletter Editor:               Elaine Wade

Webmaster:                         Donna Caruso


P.O. Box 1151

Annandale, VA


E-Mail Address: wcwha.org@gmail.com